Genco GÜlan

Genco Gülan is one of the best known artists of the 21st century.

He is a Turkish sculptor, painter and writer. 

He was born in Istanbul and has lived in Frankfurt and New York.

Gülan is interested in integrating new technologies, classics with contemporary culture. More info

Gönül Albayrak

Gönül Albayrak is a Dutch artist with Turkish roots.

In her paintings she focuses on the tension between the strength and the inner vulnerability of the woman.

She tries to show the ethos of the ’40, ’50 and the ’60.  Old Hollywood stars

She usus colorfull patterns and designs that are characteristic for her style.  More info

Mana yildiz

The Turkish designer Mana Yildiz studied at the Design Academy in The Netherlands.

She designs primarily tableware. Besides designing, she also produces her own porcelain tableware.

Light weight, refined and subtle designs with great color combinations are characterics of her work.

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Cemil Ipekci

Cemil Ipekci was born in Istanbul in 1948.

He graduated from the Department of Design at the Royal Academy of Art in London.

As of today, Ipekci continues to work on Turkish fashion, which is inspired by Ottoman cultural heritage

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