Irma Hagenouw

A short  introduction about myself.

My name is Irma Hagenouw. I am a Dutch citizen. In the past, I used to live in Turkey for four years, which is when my love for Turkey blossomed and continues to grow.

A few years ago, I started my ‘positive Turkey’ campaign, to show a more contemporary perspective  of Turkey.

I wanted people to see the beauty of Turkey, instead of being influenced by the tremendous amount of negative press on dailybase.

I believe that it is time for a positive change in Europe.

With the great help of Hasan Senok, of the Turkish Consulate in Deventer,  I created an art platform for contemporary Turkish art and culture.

I will be managing a traveling art exhibition, that I called LALELIQUE.

An exhibition in which Turkish art and culture will be represented on very unique locations throughout the Benelux.

My goal is to build brigdes through art and culture.